Barry M Gelly Nail Paint – Review

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint

I fell in love with ‘Damson’ as soon as I saw it amongst the Barry M Gelly Nail Paint on the stand in Boots.  I’m like a magpie when it comes to all things blue…I was heading out for dinner with Andrew so decided to do my nails, something I don’t do very often anymore.

I noticed the consistency of the nail paint was very thick, however, trying to cover one nail with one dip in the paint was very difficult.  By the time I re-coated the brush, it had started to dry which gave a really un-even finish as I tried to finish the first coat.  One coat wasn’t enough, so I added another coat.  My nails looked an absolute mess.

I took off the paint and decided to give it another go.

The second attempt looked a little neater, but still not ideal.  I found the thickness of the nail paint really difficult to work with; I either had too little on the brush, or too much.

With regards to chipping, the nail paint was pretty good, which for me is a massive bonus as I’m very heavy handed.

I think this would be great if you had a lot of time on your hands (excuse the pun).  If you’re in a rush and nail varnish is the last thing you grab for, I wouldn’t recommend this product.  You need at least two coats, increasing the drying time, and it stays tacky for a long time due to the thickness.  The colour is absolutely beautiful, but I won’t be purchasing another Barry M Gelly Nail Paint.

Lauren xx


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