My Body Update – Week 10

Current Weight: 8 Stone 7
Weight Loss: – 3lbs
Total Weight Loss So Far: 8lbs!!
Number of Gym Sessions: 0
Cheat Meals: One – Takeaway Pizza on Monday

Have you found anything difficult this week?

I’ve been put on a secondment at work which to be honest I’ve found a little stressful. I’ve ended up working longer hours and been exhausted by the time I’ve gotten home. On Monday I just wanted cards, so we ordered pizza and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Apart from this not being able to go to the gym makes me feel like I’m not motivated.


Zero. My physio advised me to stay out of the gym again this week if I could possibly manage it. With the amount of pain I’d been in with my shoulder, there was absolutely no way I wasn’t paying attention to her. I plan to get back to the gym this week now my shoulder is feeling better, but ensuring I take it easy with upper body workouts.


So…as I mentioned last week, I’ve tried something new and exciting this week. As of Tuesday, I started on Juice Plus. I’m guessing many of you will have heard of this before, but for those that have not, the plan is to have two protein shakes per day and one clean meal. You are allowed clean snacks in between meals. I was a little dubious as I’ve never done a ‘real’ diet before, but I haven’t felt hungry at all! I’ve had a morning shake of vanilla Juice Plus protein, berries and almond milk, and a chocolate protein and water shake for lunch. We’ve had a clean meal every night since I started and my goodness I can see the difference.

For the first time in SO long, I’m not bloated. I’ve not had stomach cramps and I’m not gassy. I’ve also lost 3lbs, which is incredible. My stomach is pretty much flat now, and just requires some toning, and my love handles are definitely reducing.
I’ve felt better inside too. I’ve started on their premium capsules as of Friday, which is basically 26 different powdered vegetables, fruit and berries. This was invented to support those people who were struggling with just their five a day, as well as for athletes. I’ve seen some amazing results from the use of capsules; acne reduction, eczema clearing up, glowing skin and much improved hair growth. The key thing I am aiming for, is an improvement in my energy levels. I get so tired sometimes it is ridiculous and I just don’t want to feel like that anymore. I don’t feel I’ve used the capsules long enough yet to give a review of them, but come next week, I will let you know how I’m getting on.
Juice Plus is meant to be a 16 week programme, 2 shakes a day for the first 8 weeks, then 1 shake for the remaining 8. Andrew and I have split this between us, therefore we are doing 8 weeks in total. The idea being that by the time you complete the plan, you will have a changed mindset in terms of food, so will be making healthy choices and therefore not putting the weight back on.
Anything that can get rid of my bloating and stomach cramps is a miracle in my eyes, so I will keep you posted!

Weigh In
I was really looking forward to my weigh in on Saturday morning, just to see if the change in my shape was reflected on the scales, and it certainly was. I’d lost 3lbs, which is incredible as for the last 10 weeks, all I’ve done is fluctuate up and down. I’m really pleased, and to be honest, if I can get into my old clothes in the next few weeks, I don’t care what the scales say. Since I started, I have lost a total of 8lbs and I look completely different. I’m so pleased that I decided to take on this challenge, and updating you all weekly really keeps me motivated!

The Next Week

I will be continuing on my Juice Plus journey, as well as getting back to training and I’m excited to see if my energy levels improve. I will do a full review of the plan once I’ve been on it a little longer to give you a true insight!
Lauren xx

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