My Body Update – Week 9

Current Weight: 8 Stone 10
Weight Loss: – 1lbs
Number of Gym Sessions: 0
Cheat Meals: One – We had cheese, pork pie, bread & dips on Friday Night

Have you found anything difficult this week?

This week I’ve found it difficult to get any time to blog! I’ve been on training at work and my hours have changed, so I’ve fallen out of my routine.  I found it difficult not being able to go to the gym as I mentioned last week, I’ve injured my shoulder.  I thought it would be a great experiment to see how the gym actually impacts my weight, and this week I’ve lost another pound, without any real exercise.


Zero workouts completed this week, unless my spring cleaning on Saturday counts?  I saw my phsyio again on Saturday morning, and have been advised once again to stay out of the gym if I can, but if I can’t, just to focus on lower body.  I think I will just rest up again.


As with last week, this week I’ve made a conscious effort to reduce my portion sizes and this is clearly having a positive impact on my weight.  Next week I’m trying something a little different, so watch this space for something interesting.

Weigh In

I decided to weigh myself on Friday morning this week, to see how my good behaviour had impacted my weight, despite no gym sessions.  I was very pleased to see 8 stone 10 on the display, I can’t remember the last time I weighed this!!  As I’ve said before, I’m not as bothered about what the scales say, as I am about how I look and feel.  I still have issues with my energy levels and I still want to lose some weight from my hips and thighs.  I must admit, this week I think my legs look the slimmest they have in a long time.

The Next Week

So as I mentioned above, I’m trying something interesting this week, most likely from Tuesday, so I’m hoping to have some interesting results to tell you about next Sunday.  I’m going to stay out of the gym and rest up for as long as possible too.
Adigym Winners

The Rafflecopter competition has now closed and the winners will all be contacted within 24hours, congratulations to those who won!!
Lauren xx

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