My Body Update – Week 8

Current Weight: 8 Stone 11
Weight Loss: – 3lbs
Number of Gym Sessions: 1; Tuesday –  Cardio & Zumba
Cheat Meals: One – We went out for a curry 

Have you found anything difficult this week?

This week has been a bit of a disaster!  I woke up with a painful shoulder last Sunday morning; my other half likes to use me as a pillow.  Unfortunately rather than getting better, it has just gotten worse, resulting in a trip to the physiotherapist on Saturday morning!!

I’ve also had to stay later at work this week, meaning I’ve felt absolutely exhausted by the time I’ve gotten home, and the gym was the last place I wanted to go!


On Tuesday I got my backside to the gym, having not been since the previous Thursday.  I ran one mile then did my Zumba class.  It took me a lot longer than usual to recover, and I was aching for most of the week.  I also haven’t wanted to go with my shoulder being so painful, and the advice of the physio is to stay out of the gym for the next week!


This week I’ve made a conscious effort to reduce my portion sizes, particularly of my evening meals, and clearly this has made a huge impact on my weight, considering I’ve barely trained!  I have been naughty and had some cake at work, the whole Lent thing lasted about 4 days…I have no willpower when I’m feeling stressed out!

Weigh In

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I got on the scales this morning, I’ve barely trained and I haven’t weighed myself during the week.  I definitely got a pleasant surprise when I saw that the scales read 8 stone 11, and I will be definitely careful with my food going forward.

The Next Week

The biggest issue for next week, is the fact I’ve been told to stay out of the gym.  I’m not going to go against this as I’ve been in so much pain.  I will again be ensuring I eat smaller portion sizes and I guess it will be interesting to see what the scales say next weekend with a whole week of no training – so watch this space!!  I’ve been given some exercises to strengthen the muscles around my shoulder blades, and I will be making an effort to improve my posture, hence the held back shoulders in the pictures!!

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Lauren xx


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