My Body Update – Week 11

Current Weight: 8 Stone 8
Weight Loss: +1 lb
Number of Gym Sessions: 0
Cheat Meals: Three – Tuna Pasta on Monday, McDonalds on Wednesday & Chiquitos Burrito on Thursday

Have you found anything difficult this week?

This week I have been massively craving carbs, and I’m sad to say that I gave into my cravings this week. Like I mentioned last week, I’ve been feeling a little stressed out, which is why I think I’ve been craving carbs. I’ve stuck to the Juice Plus plan during the day, having a shake for breakfast and for lunch, with healthy snacks in between. I think this is the reason my weight hasn’t gone crazy, despite my carb heavy and un-clean evening meals.


Zero – again! My shoulder has started aching again this week, which I’m finding very frustrating. I plan to try a gentle workout this Sunday and see how I feel and hopefully build up again from there.


So as I’ve mentioned above, food has been a big issue for me this week. I’m a little disappointed in myself if I’m honest, and I’m going to try so hard next week to be good and eat clean. I’m finding Juice Plus great. I’m no longer bloated, I feel super full when I’m at work and haven’t been craving naughty snacks during the day which is a great improvement for me.

Weigh In

Due to my bad food choices this week, I as a little concerned about my weigh in on Saturday morning. I’ve gained 1lb which is absolutely nothing, which shows me how well I could have done if I had stuck to my clean eating plan.

The Next Week

I NEED to get back in the gym. I feel so lazy, and have been going to bed when I’ve gotten in from work – which is partly down to being stressed out and partly due to being out of my routine with the gym. I will also be trying super hard to make better food choices this week. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the occasional treat, but three in one week when you’re being healthy, really isn’t great!!
Lauren xx

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