My Body Update – Week 7

This Week
Last Week
Current Weight: 9 Stone
Weight Loss: Gain +2.5lbs (but I’m sure I look slimmer!!)
Number of Gym Sessions: 3; Sunday – Cardio, Wednesday; Cardio, Thursday – Cardio and Legs, Saturday – 50min walk with dad
Cheat Meals: One – we made a chicken saag and I had a mini naan bread, some rice and a glass of Cobra beer

Have you found anything difficult this week?

I haven’t really found anything hard at all this week, other than that I’ve decided to give up sweets/chocolates for Lent (which I posted here) and some nice goodies have been in at work. I did have a ginger biscuit, which I probably shouldn’t have had. I was conscious I wouldn’t get to the gym on Saturday as I’ve been away for the weekend, so made sure I went for a walk with my dad


As I mentioned last week, I’ve signed up with my friend to do the Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5k event in May, and have been following my training plan. I’ve ran 5 miles in the last two weeks, which is the most I’ve ever ran in my life. I’ve been determined not to be lazy with my workouts and have tried my hardest to really tire myself out. I missed Zumba this week as I felt really tired and blocked up, so made sure I went on Wednesday this week instead. I didn’t make the gym Saturday as we’ve been at my parents for the weekend, so dad and I went for a 50minute walk over the hills and farmland, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I want to incorporate my DW 40 Days of Fitness challenge, but my training for my charity race will definitely be taking priority.
Getting Hench haha!


This week I decided to start eating sandwiches for lunch a couple of days a week. Apart from being a little sick of eating soup every day, I was interested to see how my bloating was effected by eating bread, as I’ve thought this was the main culprit; no bloating. I was a little bloated at the end of the week after eating homemade curry and packet rice, so I’m considering going for an allergy test.

I’ve also got to be honest and say that although I’m good midweek, I never include my weekends in these posts, and I usually approach them with eat and drink whatever I want, when I want. This is clearly stupid. Working hard during the week with my food, but not being sensible at the weekend, just puts all my hard work in the bin. I’ve therefore decided from today, I’m going to be sensible at the weekend.
My friend has also told me to eat lighter meals on an evening, as she find this best to lose weight. I had my health MOT at the gym last week, and was told to eat 5 small meals a day instead, which is something else for me to consider. Portion sizes also need to be reduced in my opinion!!Weigh In

I’ve been weighing myself every day this week and have been between 8 stone 11 and 9 stone 1 all week. I therefore think I need to up my gym sessions and cut my portion sizes, as I’m not seeing any drop in my weight. On a positive note, I think I look slimmer and have a waist again!

The Next Week

Over the next week I plan to continue upping my efforts in the gym, I’ve to do my first 1.5mile run today to keep on track with my training plan which I know I am going to find hard. I’m going to reduce my portion sizes and up my fruit intake.

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Lauren xx

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