Styling My Home For Christmas

Christmas Tree

Since moving into my own home, just under four years ago, the 1st December marks Christmas.  Christmas decoration time is a go! My mum always liked to wait to decorate until the first or second weekend.  This was so we could decorate the house together, so it’s still a novelty to me to start on the 1st.

Styling My Home For Christmas

Christmas Tree

The Tree

Andrew and I visited a local farm after work to pick a real tree.  Another novelty to me, as since we moved in, we’ve had a fake tree.  It was so exciting pulling out all the trees, deciding which one was best.  The difficult part was obviously getting it home!  I always style my Christmas tree with red and gold baubles and decorations.  It’s very traditional and the colours just symbolise Christmas to me.  I may be a little Monica (from Friends) when dressing the tree, but I do try to reign it in and let Andrew have a go.  I can always move them when he’s not around.

The Flowers

Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers

Another first for this Christmas has been having a Christmas bouquet.  A bouquet styled with cinnamon sticks and pine cones.  Cinnamon and pine are the two scents that remind me of Christmas, therefore this bouquet from Prestige Flowers* is perfect.  The bouquet arrived fresh in a box to work.   The flowers were in perfect condition as they’d been well packed, and clearly well handled during transport.  I loved the mix of scents from the fresh flowers and the cinnamon.  Inside the packaging was also an unexpected box of chocolates.  This bouquet and chocolate combination would make a wonderful Christmas gift too.  The flowers still look as fresh as the day the arrived, even five days on.  I plan on keeping the cinnamon sticks and pine cones for future bouquets too.  They’ve definitely jazzed up my new dining table, which I’ve been looking for a centrepiece for.

The Candle

Winter Candle The White Company

Every year, without fail, I buy either the pot pourri or candle from the ‘Winter’ collection at The White Company.  This year I went with the Winter Botanical large pillar candle.  I’m yet to open the packaging as I’m keeping it for a cosy night in with my husband, which will hopefully be tomorrow night.  The candle looks beautiful on my coffee table tray.

The Pot Pourri

Christmas Pot Pourri

The only time I ever have pot pourri in my house is at Christmas.  At our local Farmer’s Market I found a bag of scented pinecones, which I placed in three different sized vases and have displayed on my breakfast bar.  I think it’s simple but effective.  It also brings a little Christmas into the kitchen.

Styling My Home For Christmas

I’ve finished off my coffee table tray with a vase full of Next’s Festive Spice pot pourri.  The scent isn’t overpowering, unlike some other brands, and just adds a subtle fragrance to the air.  I’d definitely recommend it if you don’t like anything too strong.  It’s all about the aesthetic appeal for me too.  I didn’t actually arrange it either, just tipped the bag into the vase, et voila!

So there you have it, how I’m styling my home for Christmas.  Do you have a similar post?  I’d love to read it if you do, so please leave a link!

Lauren xx

*Prestige Flowers sent me their Christmas Bouquet and Chocolates in return for a review, however all opinions are honest.



  1. December 10, 2017 / 7:40 pm

    Great post Lauren! home decorations for me typically include the Christmas tree, lots of tinsel and cinnamon and vanilla candles!

    • by Lauren Jane
      December 10, 2017 / 8:01 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Oh Vanilla candles; delicious!

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