Affordable Makeup Storage & My Makeup Collection

Having bought Muji drawers about three years ago, I have loved this style of makeup storage.  A lot of the storage around is quite expensive, unless you are ordering it on e-bay.  I have browsed many of the e-bay stores, but didn’t want to commit as I was unsure of the quality, and if the storage would even be in one piece by the time it travelled half way round the world.  You can imagine my excitement when wandering around one of my favourite stores, to come across the above storage, TK Maxx! The above is really affordable, I paid between £3.99-£9.99, which I think is yet another bargain.

My dressing table is from Dunelm Mill and I absolutely love it, as I’ve never had a dressing table before.

As you can see I have run out of MAC lipsticks to fill my storage…I guess this means I need to buy some more!  What a shame…

I have two of these silver buckets, one for my used makeup brushes, and the other for my hairbrushes, they’re from Hobby Craft.

These are my original Muji storage drawers.  I wanted somewhere to keep my cotton buds and pads, which these little pots are perfect for!

My collection isn’t massive, but at least it is neat and tidy!  I used to have more, but I’m pretty ruthless when I have a clear out!

You should definitely check out your local TK Maxx to see if you can find some affordable storage.

Do you have any tips to find affordable storage?

Lauren xx


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