My Body – Update 4

Current Weight: 8 stone 11

Weight Loss: -1.5lbs
Number of Gym Sessions: 4; Sunday – Cardio, Legs & Abs, Tuesday – Zumba, Friday – Quick Cardio Session & Saturday – Cardio & Arms.
Cheat Meals: One – Indian Takeaway on Wednesday

Have you found anything difficult this week?

I usually go to the gym on Thursday nights, and I’m trying to remain in a routine.  However, with the weather here I couldn’t eve drive to work, never mind the gym, so I was concerned I wouldn’t fit in my sessions.  I’ve also been craving chocolate or sweets this week, something that doesn’t happen often with me!


I added in a Friday night workout, I didn’t have long; half an hour.  I did 20mins on the cross trainer then stretched out, but it was better than not going at all.  I’ve finally managed to hit my goal of 4 sessions in one week and I feel so much better for it.  I feel so much healthier, I look better and I feel happier.

I have been asked to share some of my workouts, so see the bottom of the post for the one I did today!


The biggest change this week in food, has been my lunches.  I have only had my home made soup once, some cheese and biscuits (my weakness), a salad, a tin of soup and a panini.  I had thought the variation would have led to less weight loss, but it hasn’t, so I’m pleased.

We had an Indian takeaway on Wednesday night, I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t deny yourself all treats, as it makes these sorts of journeys, so much more difficult.  What I’ve done different this week though is, one cheat meal, not several!
I have had a craving for sugar in the evenings, which doesn’t happen to me too often.  I’ve had mini eggs, some giant white chocolate buttons and cookies.

Weigh In

I weighed myself first thing on Saturday morning, I had noticed that my jeans were getting baggy on my legs and that my stomach was a lot flatter.  The scales said 8 stone 11.25 lbs, so I’m back to my lowest weight again.  I’m really pleased with the way I’m looking now, more so than what it says on the scales.

The Next Week

I am aiming to make it another 4 times to the gym, I feel so much better for it.  Foodwise, I think I will continue to mix up my lunches and monitor the impact.  You can’t eat the same thing everyday, for 4 weeks, without getting a little sick of it…

My Saturday Workout

So I received a comment a couple of weeks ago, asking me to share some of my workouts with you, so today at the gym, I made a note of everything I did.
Firstly, I warmed up on the cross trainer for 15 minutes, I started at level 7 for about the first 5 minutes, then went down to level 5.
I then moved on to chest/arms/shoulders/back.
These exercises were ones given to me by my PT years ago, and I always go back to them;
  • Dumbbell Bench Press – 6 reps of 6kg
  • Dumbbell Lying Fly – 12 reps of 4kg
  • Dumbbell Lying Fly Over Face – basically starting above your face (I can’t for the life of me remember the name of this exercise) – 24 reps of 2kg
Do 3 sets of these, if you can make your last 24 reps no problem – up your weight.
  • Bicep curl – 6 reps of 6kg – 3 sets
  • Pulldown (Machine) – 6 reps of 25kg – 3 sets
  • Shoulder Press – 6 reps of 5kg – 3 sets (I need to strengthen my shoulders as this is SO light)
  • Chest Press – 6 reps of 15kg – 3 sets
Make sure you thoroughly stretch out after your workout, you will most likely ache for a few days.
Make sure to visit the next My Body update next week, I have an exciting giveaway 🙂
Lauren xx
(P.S. Have you seen the previous posts in the series? Week 0, Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3)

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