Nominate to Appreciate

Nominate to Appreciate

Tuscany Now are holding a competition to win a weekend in their Limonaia villa this October.  The competition is to pass on an act of kindness to someone special in your life #TuscanyNominate.  Readers may recall a post I wrote in March about my wonderful mum, well here is an update;

My mum has supported me through all of the light and dark times throughout my life.  As I’ve mentioned previously, mum was told at 19 she couldn’t have children, but fell pregnant a year after marrying my dad.  After giving birth, mum haemorrhaged and was rushed to theatre, I nearly lost her.  Roll on 7 years and mum required a life-saving operation, she was given a 50% chance of survival, but she’s a fighter and she made it through.

I’ve mentioned several times that I was diagnosed with panic disorder at 17, but had been suffering since the age of 13;

“At 13, my panic disorder kicked in. For me it starts with a burning sensation down my arms, then shaking from head to toe, hyperventilating, vommitting, and finally I pass out. Mum took me to the doctors, where she was told I was too young to be given medication. She looked into every alternative therapy possible to try and get me better and spent a fortune on Reiki, Hypnosis, Acupuncture etc. The disorder got worse and when doing my A-levls & bachelors degree, we ended up in hospital about 4 times as I would collapse in the early hours. Mum had to support me through this on her own, as my dad’s job would take him to the other side of the world. I remember telling her “I just want to die”, over and over again, just to make the panic attack stop. That must be SO hard for a mother to hear, but she was my rock. The only person who could calm me down was my mum.”

When I moved to Leeds at the end of 2013, the hardest thing I had to do was leave my mum, we literally did everything together; she isn’t just my mum, she is my best friend.

“On my birthday in May last year, I got a call from dad to say mum had been admitted to hospital, I felt like the world had stopped spinning and I needed to get back to Newcastle immediately. Andrew left work and drove me up, we got there to find her with oxygen on and all these wires, it was like I was 7 again seeing her like that. Mum was suffering with palpitations, and her heart rate was over 200. I was so scared, but knew I had to stay calm for mum, like she had for me on all my hospital trips and sleepless nights.”

When mum was feeling better, dad booked a trip to Portugal for the three of us to spend some quality time together.  Driving back up to the North East, I received a call from my dad to tell me mum was back in hospital.  I honestly thought I’d lost her; it was the scariest 2 hours of my life, driving to the hospital.  We got there to find mum’s heart rate over 200 beats per minute, with the doctor telling us she’d had enough medication to literally stop her heart, yet it wasn’t even slowing down.
Mum was referred to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, and after several months of waiting, was booked in for an operation in May to have an ablation; wires are guided into your heart and energy is used to destroy the tissue causing the arrhythmia. After 5 hours mum was out of surgery, and in all honesty, looked the best she had in several years, which I think was something to do with the relief of having the treatment.
I’m so pleased to say that mum is making a fantastic recovery, and is getting back to her old self.  She definitely has more recovery ahead, but I’m so proud of her.  At Christmas our crackers had a new years resolution slip inside, mum wrote on hers ‘to get well’ and I’m so pleased she is achieving it. 
Mum’s birthday is in October and I know it would mean the world to her for us to have a girly trip away together, fingers crossed!
Lauren xx

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